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Dynamic_Song_Performance_coverDynamic Song Performance, The Singer’s Bible, by Pepper Jay, with contributions by John Michael Ferrari.  Pepper Jay and John Michael Ferrari have been teaching performance skills together for 3 decades to singers, actors, lawyers, teachers, anyone in front of an audience.  

Welcome to Dynamic Song Performance, a Singer’s Bible.  This may be the only how-to performance book for singers that is equally valuable to magicians, comics, actors, public speakers, models, performance coaches, and trial lawyers. Why? Because it focuses on audience psychology.  

Dynamic Song Performance explains what every performer must do to seduce the camera and the audience, keep the crowds enthralled, and turn listeners and viewers into loyal fans. The Dynamic Song Performance Skills method begins by reinforcing successful performance Pepper Jay and her coaching partner, John Michael Ferrari, guide students through the general aspects of vocal, physical, emotional, and mental song performance skills required of a successful professional singer, performer, recording artist and entertainer. Pepper Jay then hones the student’s skills to perfection while teaching audience psychology skills. Each student receives customized coaching depending upon their talents and their expressed goals.

What makes a singer a star? Pepper drills into students’ heads that there are many excellent singers who never “make it.” Over several decades, Pepper Jay has developed powerful song performance guidelines that, when followed by talent who remain true to themselves, result in impressive success.

This text, Dynamic Performance Skills, The Singers Bible, is a guide to the fundamentals of song performance, directed to both the novice singer with dreams of fame and fortune, as well as the professional singer who wants to increase mastery of song performance skills and be at the top of their craft.
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Acting With Your Eyes

by John Michael Ferrari


Acting With Your Eyes There is a saying in Hollywood: “Do less because less is more.” This phrase usually means that an actor is over-acting the role and trying too hard to demonstrate their feeling and actions. But when the director or an acting teacher says these words, they never actually tell you what to replace it with. So the actor tries to do nothing and in doing nothing, his or her performance becomes flat.

In Acting With Your Eyes, I will show you the technique of Eye Phrasing and the Magic Pull, which will enable you to do less on camera while retaining a strong, exciting performance. These simple and powerful techniques will make you a better and more confident on-camera actor. I would like you to think of this book as a plug-in app, as these techniques will work with any acting style you are currently using. The exercises in this book of only thirty-one pages, are easy, fun and extremely powerful. After using these techniques you will immediately understand what has been missing from your on-camera acting performance.

Acting With Your Eyes will put you miles ahead of your fellow actors. I can guarantee you no acting class has ever taught these specific, powerful acting techniques that I call Eye Phrasing and the Magic Pull. You will learn the techniques of many Eye Phrases, starting with some basics: Break Left, Pick Up, Back to One and the Magic Pull. The Magic Pull will invigorate you with a new awareness of your inner life, your surroundings and the power you have not just as an actor but as person. You can own the fastest, most expensive sports car in the world, but if you don’t have the fuel to put in the car, it’s not going anywhere. The Magic Pull is the fuel you need to power up personal acting charisma, energy and sensuality in your performance as an on-camera actor.

Acting With Your Eyes is a must-have plug-in app for actors!

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John Michael Ferrari and Pepper Jay performance coaches with Hollywood Bound Actors